2020 Stone Beer Vintage Pack
2020 Stone Beer Vintage Pack small

Stone Beer Vintage Pack

This limited-release Stone Beer Vintage Pack captures a special Stone & Wood tradition. Every winter, we honour the ancient traditions of beer by releasing our annual Stone Beer, a bold yet approachable dark porter brewed with wood fired stones in the kettle.

In a nod to our roots, Stone Beer 2020 is the first one brewed with all-Australian malts, including a Red Gum-smoked malt that adds a subtle smokiness to the brew’s roasted barley, coffee and dark chocolate flavours. The result is a delicious wood fired dark porter with a firm bitter finish.

Barrel Aged Stone Beer 2019 is small batch of last year’s Stone Beer that we’ve aged in whiskey barrels for 12 months, which deepens the beer’s coffee, caramel and dark chocolate flavours and pushes the ABV up a notch.

Each Stone Beer Vintage Pack includes:
1 x 500ml Stone Crock of Barrel Aged Stone Beer 2019 – 8.8% ABV
1 x 330ml Bottle of Stone Beer 2020 – 6.6% ABV 

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